About Woody's World


Woody's World creates colourful and meaningful music, live shows and digital content for children and families. Picture a teddy bears picnic at Woodstock, or a musical calaboration between Dr Seuss, Oliver Twist and the Muppets - now you're close to imagining Woody's World.


Touring in 2019 - Woody's Ukulele School and the Ukulele Kids Show

Latest album release - Let's Play (2019)

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Woody's World family Band


This three-generation family band is a treat to behold. Woody is supported on stage by his three kids, multi instrumentalists/singer/songwriters who co-wrote and recorded on Good Morning Kids album. The wisdom of the band comes from “Poppa Knick-Knacks Clark” and “Mumma Kate” who bring 45 years as professional musicians criss-crossing the land.

Good Morning Kids album and live show review - Kids In Adelaide

The kids will love Woody’s World music – it’s fun, its full of crazy characters, it’s just great Aussie family music at its best. Unlike the ‘normal’ round up of kids’ music, Woody’s CD “Good Morning Kids” isn’t the repetitive high-pitched kindergarten songs – there is a great variety from folk, jazz, rock and country all on the one CD. Woody’s songs include our family favourites “Good Morning” and “Say That You Love Me”, while the 3-year-old loves “Going To The Show” that talks about all his favourite Aussie animals. The songs bring to life lots of the experiences and content that kids can relate to in life – spending time with family, making friends, the change of seasons and staying away from snakes! Full Review HERE

Good Morning Kids album review - Electric Kids Music

Well if music is supposed to make you feel good, this album pushes all the right buttons. In Woody’s World the listener is taken on a musical adventure, delivered through some delightful songs of genuine authenticity and real emotion. The artist is very much a storyteller at heart, and despite sharing a Christian name with one of the most famous folk singers of all time; there is an earnest originality about the music. His ability to tell a story and describe the setting with such veracity enables the listener to feel a real sense of connection. This musical adventure unfolds like a fairy tale, where everybody is invited, and can equally contribute towards this utopian world, that if it did exist I for one would love to live there.  Full Review HERE